about the team

Emrah Son and Emel Son being industrial product designers originated in İstanbul established Edvar Design in 2013 after their vocational education in Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. The group has adopted the creation process based on team work, although both have individual design characters. All phases including analysis,research and idea generation methods, concept creation, design process and the final decision come to life with Emrah and Emel’s subtle and delicate perceptions.

occupational areas

‘Edvar Design’ has a work area based on products for use within domestic sectors like furniture, kitchen utensils, home furnishings and accessories, lighting, glassware and which industrial design is required for. Meanwhile if the concept matches with the team’s structure, ‘Edvar Design’ is open to working with different sectors.

philosophy of design and inspiration

Edvar Design adopts to have a unique understanding of design and create timeless lines with authenticity. In its creativity-oriented works, it emphasizes the visuality and the functionality and also matures the design with discussing in detail manufacturability and low cost with environmental awareness. Edvar Design is primarily inspired by nature and naturalness; secondarily creative brains passed through the time tunnel and also internalized the primary inspiration. It cares much about a practical and consistent functionality, approaches sensitively to cost and consumption cycle.