Swing Coat Hanger for Bosnian brand Artisan

Triang carafe and tumbler for Ersa

Professional panini press for Korkmaz

Aqua reliefed tableware set for Porland

Purse panini press for Emsan

Zipbox for Salone Satellite 2019

Oslo teapot for Bianca Luna/Pierre Cardin

Pileli sofa self promotion

Arien dining room furnitures for Stella

Purse kettle for Emsan

Town stackable storage box self promotion

Zipchair for Salone Satellite 2019

Karel sofa with pillows for Ersa

One Two Three coffee table set self promotion

Triang turkish tea glass for Ersa

Milestone teapot for Jumbo

Hornet outdoor table and chair self promotion

Aqua reliefed tableware detail for Porland

Ant floor lamp self promotion

Lund sofa self promotion

Arien dining room for Stella

Flamingo sideboard family self promotion

Skeleton coat hanger self promotion

Aqua reliefed detail for teapot for Porland

Triang turkish coffee coffee cup for Ersa

Velvet casserole for Emsan

Saraille kitchen utensil set self promotion

Tauros coat hanger self promotion

R Desk for Modomoro

Saraille kitchen utensil detail self promotion

Pileli sofa model self promotion

R Desk detail for Modomoro

Turku chair for Modomoro

Robo coat rack for Modomoro

Robo coat rack detail for Modomoro

Turku chair detail for Modomoro

Karel console table for Ersa

siberia table self promotion

Arien bedroom furnitures for Stella

Wedge sofa self promotion

qwerty table lamp self promotion

qwerty standing lamp self promotion